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Bulletin May 7, 2007

A slight change of schedule is ahead Saturday. The Modesto Fitness & Racquet Club will use the studio between noon and 1 p.m. so intermediates will start at 11 a.m. - NOT 11:30 - and finish promptly at noon. An hour later, 1 p.m. (instead of 12:30) the beginners will start. Charity will end her intermediate series on "colgadas."

Also in this Bulletin

1. The Video of the Week is Miriam & Hugo at Tango Week in 2004.

2. Get tickets to Forever Tango

3. Workshop Schedule for Gato & Andrea

4. Get tickets for Nora's Tango Week milongas.

1. Miriam Larici and Hugo Patyn met while performing in Forever Tango (see below). Frequent instructors for Nora's Tango Week, they'll do it again this year. The Video of the Week features their performance at a 2004 Tango Week milonga.

2. No classes makes it a perfect time too see Forever Tango, the show that triggered many tango obsessions. Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton, May 26. Details: http://bobhopetheatre.com/eventdetails.asp?ID=128. We hope some will take propaganda for our Modesto tango community. There is no Argentine Tango in Stockton. It will also play Fresno on Wednesday, May 30.

4. Nora's Tango Week
Many have expressed interest in attending milongas and classes at Nora's Tango Week. Registration is closed for single women in the Tango Weekend program. Couples and single men, however, may still register for the weekend.

As in past years, the beginning level is an integral part of NORA'S TANGO WEEK and as much focus is given beginners as to intermediate and advanced students. It is important to know your level of development. PLEASE take classes geared to your level. Don't be offended if an instructor asks you to change to a more helpful class.
If you are not signed up for TANGO WEEK/WEEKEND but would like to attend one or more of the Milongas, buy a ticket soon; they are always sold out.

NEW!!! There will be a Milonga (open and FREE) on Thursday, June 28th 6 p.m
Friday, June 29th Milonga from 9 p.m-1 a.m;
Saturday, June 30th "The 40's" (wear a hat night!) from 9 p.m - 2 a.m and
Sunday, July 1st from 9 p.m. will feature performances by ALL masters.
Monday, July 2nd "La Milonga de Oscar & Georgina & Miriam & Hugo"
Tuesday, July 3rd " 40's Night" (wear a hat!) " Luis Castro Y Claudia Mendoza"
Wednesday, July 4th "4th of July Milonga" featuring "GUSTAVO & GISELLE"
Thursday, July 5th "Black and White Milonga" honoring "NITO & ELBA"
Friday, July 6th from 9 p.m - features performances by ALL masters .
All Milongas will feature live music by "HOMBRES DE TANGO" .
Saturday, July 7th: A Gala Milonga commemorating "NORA'S TANGO WEEK" 10th ANNIVERSARY!!! with a show featuring ALL of the Masters participants Live and DJ Music by: Mario Orlando, the DJ of the best Milongas in Buenos Aires!
ADMISSION: $35 / TIMES: 9 p.m to 2 am; show at 11 p.m
SFO Clarion Hotel / Golden Gate Ballroom - Second Floor
401 E. Millbrae Avenue, Millbrae, CA