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Bulletin June 25, 2007

There will be no classes Saturday with many of us either at Nora's Tango Week or on another summer excursion. Gato and Andrea's Tuesday classes proceed nicely. About a dozen Modesto tangueros went to the milonga at Tango by the River last Saturday and saw more of Gato & Andrea. Oscar & Georgina were also there - not performing but many of us got to watch them dance, quite a treat.


1. Tickets for the milongas at Nora's Tango Week are on sale.

2. Gato & Andrea Workshop schedule.

3. Our Video of the Week features Gato and Andrea doing a lessons in Modesto.

1. Milonga tickets for Nora's Tango Week 2007 are available. The class schedule is on line. Log on to www.tangoweek.com for bios on the great instructors.

The schedule and themes for the milongas is as follows:
Fri. 6/29 "La Milonga de Miriam and Hugo" $25
Sat. 6/30 "La Milonga de Oscar and Georgina $25
Sun. 7/1 "La Milonga de Domingo" $30 (exhibitions by all masters) Discounted price for all three of the above weekend milongas - $70
Mon. 7/2 "La Milonga de Miriam and Hugo and Oscar and Georgina $25
Tues. 7/3 "La Milonga de Luis and Claudia" $25
Wed. 7/4 "La Milonga de Gustavo and Gieselle" $25
Thur. 7/5 "The Black White Milonga" honoring Nito and Elba
Exhibitions by Julio and Corina, Nito and Elba $25
Fri. 7/6 "Noche de Gala" $30 (exhibitions by all the masters)
Discounted price for all five milongas - $110
Sat. 7/7 "Celebration Tango ! The Tenth Year $35 .

Tickets may be purchased through Jerry Jew. E-mail Jerry at jewtango@aol,com. All milongas are at the Clarion Hotel, near SFO with live music by "Hombres de Tango" and DJ music by Mario Orlando of Buenos Aires. Get your orders in early. Traditionally the milongas on 7/1, 7/6 and 7/7 sell fast..

2. Gato and Andrea's workshops on Tuesday evenings continue with five to go at the Modesto Fitness & Racquet Club, 200 Norwegian Ave., Modesto: The cost is:
1 or 2 workshops $30 each per person
3 or 4 workshops $27 each per person
5 or 6 workshops $25 each per person
7 or 8 workshops $22 each per person
The classes will be mostly geared to intermediates, though they would work for beginners with some dance background. All classes: 8 to 9:30 p.m.
Modesto Fitness & Racquet Club: 200 Norwegian Ave. Modesto, Ca
Class 1: June 5 Change of weight and walking technique;
Class 2: June 12 (Last Tuesday) Walking, pivot and ochos, change of rhythm.
Class 3: June 19: (Last Tuesday) Ochos; Molinetes, balance, turns and stops.
Class 4: June 26: (Tomorrow) Ochos for balance and control. Molinetes.
Simple turns. Leading low voleos.
Class 5: July 10: Low and high voleos; Upper body control; Sacadas;
Figures with sacadas and voleos.
Class 6: July 17: Molinetes and lapiz. Balance and change of weight. Pivot.
Turns with lapiz and turn figures.
Class 7: July 24 : back and forward pivots. Balance; axis. Barridas for the men.
Class 8: July 31: Ganchos technique. Excercises. Simple ganchos and barridas.
contact: Mary, 522-1571 or e-mail: modestotango@gmail.net

MONDAY - Tonight (June 25) Practica. Dinner/dancing at Jacobs Fine Dining, 2501 McHenry. A chance to work on moves learned in class and get needed floor time. No fee, but you are urged to order off the menu. We start about 8 p.m. An informal meeting; some come early to dine. We may dance to 10 p.m. We will NOT gather on Monday, July 2, as many of us will be at Tango Week.

TUESDAY - (June 26) Classes with Gato & Andrea at Modesto Fitness & Racquet Club, 200 Norwegian. Focus on Ochos; Molinetes, balance, turns,entradas and stops.

June 30: Classes at Modesto Fitness and Racquet Club cancelled. See you July 7. Peter has agreed to focus on milonga again; 200 Norwegian, off McHenry. Normally: 11 a.m. Intermediate -
12:30 - beginning level. Intermediates encouraged to stay for the beginner class at no additional fee.
$12 a class per person. Introductory packages available for newcomers which offer nine beginner level classes for $75 (can only be used as the beginner level.)

Modesto Tango is a non-profit association of tango aficionados dedicated to sharing the artistic, cultural and social aspects of Argentine Tango in Stanislaus County. To discontinue receiving this bulletin go to

OUT OF TOWN: Some have expressed interest in these. To carpool call 522-1571.

At Tango by the River, 128 J Street in Old Sacramento: Tango Technique Class
7:00 p.m. - Open to both men and women! $15/drop-in, $50/month

La Práctica for all levels with Mike & Alisa at Step One, 1920 T St. (at train tracks), 8:15 - 10:15 p.m., only $3 for all levels, beginners welcome.

Twenty-Something Tango At Tango by the river, 128 J Street, Old Sacramento,
6:30 - 7:30 p.m: Beginning Argentine Tango
7:30 - 8:30 p.m: Continuing ArgentineTango
8:30 - 10:30 p.m: Practica ; Dance to classic as well as neo tango music.
Cost: College student $25/session (with valid ID) Non college-student $35/session. Practica only: $3

Our next will be Friday, July 27 with Oscar Mandagaran, star of Forever Tango, and Georgina Vargas, tango recording artist. Mark your calendars.


@>---- FRESNO Next Milonga is scheduled for Friday July 20 at 8 p.m,
$10 includes beverages. Studio 65, 2965 N. Maroa


Gato & Andrea offer a 14 -day tour accompanied package.
* AUGUST 11th TO 26th, 2007
Now on promotion at the incredible price of $1300 per person until July 6th!
Until July 25th, 2007: U$D 1500
(Does not include airfare)
Make a deposit of U$D 400 in any of the above cases.

From Michael Taillant in Sacramento:
Leaves from San Francisco Fri. Nov. 30th and returns Sunday Dec. 16th.
Information with Michael Taillant tangobravo2k@yahoo.com 1-707-628-2601

From Romina & Marcelo:
September 27 to October 8
Price now is $1,990. This includes air fare from San Francisco, hotel (double occupancy), 24 hours assistance, In addition to Buenos Aires, we can also arrange visits to any other destinations in Argentina. 925.299.6945 tango@rominamarcelo.com http://www.rominamarcelo.com/tango_tours.html

From Patricia Thatcher In Sacramento
Johana Copes is organizing the www.bailemostango.com Festival
10-night package including Festival & lodging:
from $2,197 per person with airfare from SFO
November 24 to December 5, 2007 -
The festival lasts 7 days so this gives you a few extra days to enjoy the city!